Token Allies

Crowdfunding for All

A two sided platform where companies of all sizes can tokenize their company or product in seek of funding

What is Token Allies?

Tokenization with a high level of Trust, Transparency and Agility at scale

Our value proposition:

Facilitate easy and continuous funding

With our unique ALLI model we provide companies and start ups a continuous source of funding through time

Democratization of the Crowdfunding space

Gives all investors the opportunity to invest early with any amount of capital

Enable companies and investors to connect

Both parties will be able to connect directly through our platform

Investors will get access to several innovative start ups and companies looking for funding

Companies will be able to strategize, create, manage and sell their own tokens to drive forward their investment needs

Our Roadmap

Meet our Management

The core members of the Company

Lucas Macchiavelli

Cofounder and Project Manager

Alejandro Pestchanker

Cofounder / Product Developer

Facundo Lopez

Cofounder and Lead Business Dev.

Joaquin Fernandez Venegas

Lead Legal Manager

Our Token

Our platform will have its native utility token called ALLI, minted on the Cardano Blockchain

Our platform will have its own native utility token called ALLI, minted on the Cardano Blockchain

Our Whitepaper

Interested on getting ALLI?

Join our 2nd round of Private investing, February 1st 13:00 UTC


Most frequent questions and answers

 In simple terms tokenization allows businesses to turn themselves into transferable digital assets

Businesses can sell their tokens to investors and get  funding for their projects. Similar to how stocks work

Tokens are programmed into the blockchain. Technology which guarantees the tokens authenticity and ownership. 

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